Treatment Methods


Dr. Owens‘s practice provides a variety of procedures for the treatment of periodontal issues. Our goal is to always provide each patient the exact treatment necessary, and recommending only those procedures that will meet the needs of the patient.

It is often the case that if periodontal disease is diagnosed early, the best treatments are non-surgical periodontal therapy. And in many cases, even severe ones, non-surgical periodontal therapy will often precede surgical therapy. This is done to improve the overall tissue quality of the mouth and gums prior to surgery and it also reduces the areas requiring surgery.

At Owens Periodontics, we offer both cosmetic procedures and treatments to keep your mouth healthy. Among our available services are oral cancer exams, guided bone and tissue regeneration, tooth extractions, and teeth cleaning. We can help you find out what’s causing your problems and make sure you maintain the healthy look and feel you want.

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